Customer Quotes

The software is versatile and this is a crucial aspect because mosaic market trends are so changing. Moreover, every customization we asked to better integrate within our existing system, was done and this is a very important aspect for a company. Support has unique expertise in the field, and any comparison is misplaced.


Aldo Magnani, Mosaico+ ITALY (

The Mosaic Project is the industry standard mosaic software. With its image conversion, rendering and manufacturing book it has no rival in custom mosaic manufacturing.



Peter Affandy, INDONESIA (peteraffandy (at)

The Mosaic Project software has met all of our requirements, both for simplicity and speed for the operations. I am particularly glad to inform that we have never had any problems.



Fabio Pesce®, Pixel - ITALY (

I think you’ve done a wonderful job so far by making this software and I’m sure that we can have an enormous potential for it.



Gino Cant, BELGIUM (


They use the Mosaic Project as well