What is the Mosaic Project?

The Mosaic Project is a worldwide unique software for the mosaic art and for mosaic making and manufacturing. Launched in 2008, Mosaic Project offers diverse solutions to mosaic ARTISTS and COMPANIES alike. It can be used from the mosaic first sketch down to robotic automation helping you achieve the best results from your work with minimal added effort because it significantly reduces the amount of time previously required to design and assemble a mosaic thus leaving you time to be creative and (why not?) drive new trends in mosaic making.

Our wide users base ranges from the simple beginner or enthusiast to the large manufacturing company and we have specific products and services for each segment, including enterprise features such as data centralization or ERP systems interfacing.

Industrial mosaic

Work less. Get better results with automatic image conversion.

A simple Wizard will transform an image into a mosaic, ready to work with. Many parameters allow you to work with tiles, dimensions or sheets, according to your needs.

No hassle. No worries. Just draw!

Draw using colors or grouts; it's enough to select them from a list (lists are customizable, of course, with your own products).

Grow your reputation and customer base with the best possible mosaic renderings!

A click and you get the rendering, a photographic image of the final mosaic. The image quality is suitable for printed catalogs or 3D simulations (up to 50 MPixels at 32 bits).

What do you know about your mosaics?

A click and you get the Bill Of Materials (along with many other reports). Reports can be exported in the most common formats and sent by email (e.g.: a PDF email-attached report can be created in a single click).

Spend less time, reduce manufactuirng errors

The most important report is the MANUFACTURING BOOK: a page for each sheet of the mosaic, and you are ready to go. Put the tiles in the grid, it's a kids' game.

Manage BLENDS with ease (The Blend designer program)

IA lot of time you have to deal with simple blends or gradients. It's handy to have a program to do this: just set tiles and percentages and you get stunning images in a click. Then send them away (by email, another click) for your customer or boss approval.

Manage GRADIENTS with ease (The Gradient designer program)

Work with gradients like never before! Get gradients done in a few clicks and enjoy the possibility to edit intermediate step, setting direction and number of steps. Use non-linear gradient development and set steps as small as a single tile, for smooth transitioning from dark to light.


Draw single tiles or entire "andamento"

Sosos allows you to draw single tiles as much as entire "andamento". You can draw in several modes: tile outlines, andamento geometry, color fill and rendering modes.

Get accurate simulations

With a simple click you get an instant rendering of the final mosaic. The rendering is made according to the palette being used (it can be glass, marble or whichever, see Palette Builder section, below).

Copy, draw-over or draw restoration interventions!

The SOSOS software can be used to copy: you put an image on the background and draw on it; this is also suitable for mosaic restoration projects.

Tile Management

Don't worry about your huge, always-changing tile Palette!

A palette can be created to reflect a commercial set of products or the tile size or the materials used or whatever reason, you can create even a quick palette and hi quality palette. It is so quick to make a palette: you transform an entire folder of images into palette just pressing one button. Palettes can be put on server shares and are shared among programs, computers, organization units and people.

Need samples? Try these...

Palette: 20-Wood-6

Ten wood gradations of 20x20mm. square tiles; images are 50 px highwith with 4 images per strip. The strips are:

You can download the palette file here.

Palette: 20-Metal-10

Ten gradations of gray 20x20 square metal tiles; images are 90 pixel high with 4 images per strip. The strips are:

You can download the palette file from here.

Palette: x-BN-10

Ten gradations of gray square glass tiles; tile images are 50 pixel with 15 images per strip. These are the strips:

Download the palette here.

Palette: 20-RAL-194

194 colors 20x20 square glass tiles; images are obtained from a computer program, bumpmapping 15 50pixels height tiles. Although this works well it is not really suited for true renderings.

Download the palette here.

Mosaic Rendering

Hi resolution samples obtained using the Mosaic Project software. Images can be zoomed using the mouse scroll wheel.

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