The Palette Builder is the tool that allows you to create palettes of tiles which are needed for any other procedure.

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Some important basics to know about the operation of all our programs:

  1. The dynamic association of colors
  2. Create a palette
  3. Change palette
Once the images of each tile, acquired by digital photographs or scanned, are placed in a folder you can start scanning in order to make the palette. The program returns the palette in the form of a file .palette full of all the tiles with no link with the source folders. Each tile can be combined with codes, colors and other parameters.

Procedure to make a palette

The images of each tile can be simple or strips of n. tiles. In short, if the horizontal size is a multiple of the vertical then the image is considered as a string of n. square tiles. For example: if we have an image with 80 pixels height and width 800, the program will assume as it is 10 tiles to be 80x80 pixels.

This mode can be modified by setting the size that is initially assigned by the program in the columns Width and Height.

Meaning of columns:

  1. Key: univocal key of the tile that matches the ARGB code (integer) color equivalent
  2. Name: name of the tile, as originally put the file name without extension
  3. Weight: weight of tile
  4. Cost: cost
  5. Price: price
  6. ARGB: ARGB code (integer) of equivalent color
  7. Color: equivalent color and its preview (in ARGB format with separate components)
  8. Small Image: very small image
  9. Large Image: small image
  10. Full Image: natural size image
  11. Image Strip: original strip-format image
  12. Don't rotate: to disable the random rotation and flip that the program performs during rendering operations
  13. Width: width of the tile, in pixels
  14. Height: height of the tile, in pixels
View types of the palette:

  1. Grid
  2. Carousel
  3. Print
You can attach some properties to the palette, in addition to Brand and Name, and in particular the property Default Grout Width, Default Tile Size and Default Tiles per sheet which determine their default in the various programs, when the palette is loaded.

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Last Edited 21 September 2018

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