Mosaic Property Management (shared between different applications)

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  • Blends: Opens the blend management window. Present in many programs, but effectively usable only within the Mosaic Designer;
  • Frame Size: frame dimension (grout) around the mosaic;
  • Grout Width: grout width
  • Row Offset: row offset to create the "wall" effect.
  • Sheets(WxH): number of sheets in the mosaic (Width x Height)
  • Tile Size: size of the tile
  • Tile(WxH): number of tiles in the mosaic (Width x Height)
  • Tile / Sheet (WxH): number of tiles in a sheet (Width x Height)
  • Customer: (optional) customer name
  • Name: (optional) composition name
  • Mosaic Size: concrete size of the mosaic (Width x Height)
  • Real Mosaic Surface: material mosaic surface (grouts and blanks are not counted)
  • Real Tiles Number: effective tiles number (blanks are excluded)
  • Units: measuring units used, selectable between the allowed 5: mm, cm, m, inch, feet.

Last Edited 21 September 2018

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