Mosaic Designer is a drawing program for the industrial mosaic. This program allows you to design and make 2D images by using a variety of materials images to increase the realism of the output or by using symbols.

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Clicking on the icon on the top left of the screen the program opens a menu that offers the possibility of creating a new mosaic, open an already made, save, save as, export the image in multiple formats, change the tiles palette and print the mosaic in different configurations.

The interface provides several graphical tools grouped by function:

  • Tiles: allows the choice of the tile to be facilitated by the visualization of the code and display the same tile.
  • Grouts: allows the choice of grout to use facilitated by displaying the name and color.
  • Engine: There are more functions
  • Scale: Allows you to change the size of the view by selecting a zoom percentage or by typing what you like.
  • Tiling Plan: necessary when we have a mosaic larger than a sheet, used to divide the entire mosaic with a number of parts that can be chosen from a variety of styles: stripes, columns etc.
  • Blend Tool Mosaic: used to create, delete, load from disk, save to disk one or more blends, previously made and saved in the Tiles section so they can be reused for recolor a new mosaic or as they were a single color.
  • Draft: is a type of working mode, "only color", useful to work, in a lighter tone for the development of the processor, makes fast the designing, processing and editing.
  • Real: is the final view, which allows you to see the mosaic as it would be when it is made and photographed.
  • Symbolic: this view allows you to see the mosaic through symbols, useful for those who use this technique in the assembly of the mosaic.
  • Mosaic: access to a first set of regulations on the mosaic.
  • Canvas: access to a second set of regulations on the mosaic.
  • Inspector: allows you to always know how many tiles of different types are there in the mosaic, with which codes, in which number and percentage.
  • Tool I: here are collected the tools for drawing and editing: selection, lines, curves, closed curves, filled closed curves, rectangles, filled rectangles, ellipses, filled ellipses, polygons, filled polygons, color area, brush, filling, replace one used color and color picker.
  • Tool II: here are collected other tools for changes the whole design: selection, clear selection, crop, flip, rotate and add a grid that can facilitate assembly operations.
  • Edit: a series of commands such as: back to previous step and returns, cut, copy, paste and delete.
  • ?: here there are Options, Help and Information about the software.

Last Edited 21 September 2018

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