The Gradient Designer is a program to create shades. The shades (or gradients, dégradé, etc..) are linear changes from a blend of departure to a blend of destination. For blends of starting and finishing the same considerations made about the program Blend Designer. There are no constraints on the blends: it is not necessary that the colors number in the two blends are the same, and even the colors or the percentages.

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As for the program Blend Designer, the part in the bottom is composed of three overlapping windows, each with a function:

  1. Tools: are the two Tile mixer
  2. Mosaic: contains the mosaic parameters
  3. Canvas: contains the canvas parameters of the elaboration
The Gradient Designer shares with other programs some basic features including:

  1. Association colors with palette
  2. The setting of Mosaic Properties and Canvas Elaboration
  3. Images Export in bitmap format
  4. The Print Customization
  5. Change the tiles palette
The central part contains the commands including, remarkably:

  1. the number of steps making up the shade
  2. the direction
  3. the OK button that creates the preview
  4. Editor single step which allows you to change every step of the recipe obtained
  5. the two preview windows, vertical and horizontal
Procedure to create a shade

Last Edited 21 September 2018

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