Mosaic engine property management (shared between many applications)

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  • Back Color Brightness Threshold: sets the background color inversion threshold
  • Design Mode: sets the program working mode
  • Draft Mode Transparency: sets the transparency value when the program is in Draft Working Mode
  • Empty Grout Color: sets the background color when there is no grout selected
  • Export BMP doc: rendering file printed physical size (set units in Mosaic Property Grid, Width x Height)
  • Export BMP pixels: rendering file pixel size (Width x Height)
  • Export DPI: rendering file resolution
  • Export file size: rendering file MB size (approx)
  • Grid Accent Color: accent grid color
  • Grid Accent Frequency: accent grid frequency
  • Grout Correction: grout size correction
  • Pen Width: tiles width for every tool except Brush
  • Prod.Sheet Production Code Font: font associated with production map tile SKU
  • Prod.Sheet Production Code Print Length: production map tile SKU length
  • Prod.Sheet Production Code Start Char: production map tile SKU first char
  • Prod.Sheet Use Tile Color: production map is printed using tile background color
  • Product Sheet Color:
  • Scale factor: mosaoic scale factor or Zoom
  • Show sheet lines: sets the production map
  • Tiling Map Sheet Number Font: sets the font in production map sheet number
  • Use Trasparency: sets the use of transparencies
All other properties are not used.

Last Edited 21 September 2018

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