The program lets you upload Mosaic Designer blends created by the user and use it as any other color or edit it directly and save.

To create a mix click here.

To accomplish tasks associated with the blends, in the Mosaic Designer, press the button inside the Mosaic property window.

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Pressing the button activates the opening of a dialog box where you can create, delete, load from disk, save to disk a blend.

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In the toolbar of the window are 4 buttons:

Add Blends:

Pressing the button automatically creates a new mixture and placed in the list with a random name. This name can be changed in the Description under Name on the lower right of the window.

The mixture can be created by mixing the tile placed on the right side of the window.

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Remove Blend:

This button is used to remove from a mixture.

To do this you must first select the mix you want to remove from the list and then press the Remove button blends.

Load from disk blend:

This button is used to load from disk a previously saved mix.

Pressing the button opens a dialog box where you can select from a location on your computer a file. Mix.

Once selected this will be charged and the mixture inside the list of blends.

Save to disk blend:

This button is used to save disk one of the blends in the list.

First you need to select a blend from the list and press the button. This triggers the opening of a dialog box where you can choose the location and save it.

Once you have edited all the blends necessary you can close the window, which, at this point, check that all the blends in this list are correct. In case you do not have a message that shows the name of the blends wrong. The mixtures are correct, the closing of the window, are automatically inserted into the list of colors and are now used as a color with any design tool.

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Click on the list to select it as a desired color mix and use the mixture in combination with one of the drawing tools.

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Last Edited 22 September 2018

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