Blend Designer is the program for the creation of Blends. You can use an unlimited number of different colors, each in the desired percentage. As in reality, the blend is done randomly, and each preview that you get by pressing the corresponding button is always different. It is almost impossible to obtain twice the same sheet.

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The first part of the File menu contains no other functions than to manage the files created blends (the files have the extension .Mix).

The lower part consists of three overlapping windows, each with a function:

  1. Tools: is the Tile mixer
  2. Mosaic: contains the mosaic parameters
  3. Canvas: contains the canvas parameters of the elaboration
The Blend Designer shares with other programs some basic features, including:

  1. Association colors with palette
  2. The setting of Mosaic properties and Canvas elaboration
  3. Images export in bitmap format
  4. The print customization
  5. Change the tiles palette
You can add one or more blends of a mosaic, and use it as a simple color.

The program extracts the location of each tile in a completely random, while the number of tiles is not random, but respected the percentage allocated (which does not happen in reality).

Procedure to create a blend

Last Edited 21 September 2018

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