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Create artistic synergies and cultural exchanges in Mosaic Art.

«Art is an original gift, a connection that changes the recipient, a human ability to make a difference. Art isn’t a painting or even a poem, it’s something that any of us can do. If you interact with others, you have the platform to create something new — something that changes everything. I call that art.

Art is the opposite of trigonometry. Art doesn’t follow instructions or a manual or a boss’s orders. Instead, art is the very human act of creating the uncreated, of connecting with another person
at a human level. What we’ve seen is that more and more markets will reward art handsomely, and hand out the compliant work to the lowest bidder».

The words of the American author Seth Godin are the right introduction to outline the spirit of the community of mosaicists, artists and designers that the Mosaic Project is creating.

An exhortation to participate personally in this collective of professionals and enthusiasts involved all over the world in the mosaic environment.

A new way of understanding and seeing mosaics narrated in a different light, simply showed with an unlike angulation, with a new perspective. Not necessarily better, this is not our purpose, but a multidisciplinary and conceptual approach to mosaic arts, crafts & industry.

Mosaic? It’s all around us. Okay, so run them down, people.

If you are a featured mosaicist or a passionate beginner, it makes no difference. Just jump on board, feet together! Maybe you are not ready, but don't worry you can start anyway! So... Express yourself boldly.

Let us know what mosaic means for you. Send us pics, creations, ideas, suggestions, how and where to improve, the last art piece that amazed you, your works using our software suite.

Start now. Be part of this. Be part of us! A chance to be at the forefront of the new wave of the Mosaic Art.

Explore, Discover and Create with the Mosaic Project Community. The Mosaic Project is your Art Gallery, your Workshop and your Creative Lab.

Together we are our inspiration.


“Stay Tuned!”

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